Ink Painting

from the East

An exhibition and symposium of contemporary Chinese ink paintings

On View November 10th – November 16th, 2017

Organized by

China National Academy of Painting
Institue of Art Research of China National Academy of Painting Center for Chinese Art at William Paterson Universtiy
The New York Gallery of Chinese Art
Sino-American Culture & Arts Foundation 

Exhibition Curators

Xiaoling Zhang

Yi Wang

Participating Artists

Baolin Jiang, Dakai Du, Quanzhon Guo, Quan Liang, Guo Shi, Ming Zhou, Lizhu Zhang, Zijian Liu, Wei Zhao, Yun Liu, Yong Sun, Xiaoyang Yang, Rongsheng Lin, Jinxing Zhou, Hui Chen, She Liu, Lianbin Ji, Jialin He, Gang Liu, Yushun Lu, Lijun Fang, Tu Fang, Gang Liu, Qiang Li, Yinan Qiao, Xiang Fang, Yidan Zhang, and Xiaofeng Shao 

Chinese contemporary ink painting aims to demonstrate how traditional ink art renews and recreates itself through the integration of contemporary life and theme. This exhibition and symposium are part of the “International Advocate for Chinese Ink Painting” organized by China National Academy of Painting. China National Academy of Painting is a non-profit national art institute with emphasis on art creation, art research, art education, art collection, cultural promotion and exchange, bringing together the best artists in the Chinese art field.

“Ink Painting from the East: An Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Ink” includes 54 artworks created by 28 renowned and active Chinese contemporary ink artists, they present the highest academic and aesthetic art achievement in China. The symposium is to discuss “Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting: Art Appreciation and Reevaluation in a Cross Cultural Context” from both the American and Chinese perspectives.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate New York Gallery of Chinese Art on its grand opening. New York Gallery of Chinese Art is an art gallery focuses on traditional and contemporary Chinese arts, a collaborator under the guidance of the Center for Chinese Art at William Paterson University, a pivotal window to introduce Chinese arts in New York City the art world capital. We sincerely thank Mr. Ip-Wing Kong for his contribution and endeavor for promoting and supporting Chinese art! 

Gallery Opening Ceremony


Exhibition Ceremony