The Heart Reveals


A series of Chinese landscape paintings by Gaopeng Pan

On View March 24th – April 2nd, 2018

Organized by

Center for Chinese Art at William Paterson University New York Gallery of Chinese Art
Taizhou University, China
Jiangsu Chinese Culture Promotion Society 

Gaopeng Pan is a well-known Chinese landscape painter, National Artist and member of the Chinese Artists Association. His received the Golden Award at The Grand Jiangsu Landscape Paintings Exhibition, and his works are collected by Jiangsu Art Museum, Zhongnanhai and National Art Museum of China.


Gaopeng Pan’s landscape paintings reflect magnificent and boundless images, featuring mountains and rivers in China. He paints more than the specific northern mountains and rivers, but worship and representation of natural scenes, and the subjective imagination and creation of nature by his spiritual mind. He overlooks the thousands of mountain peaks as stacked ink on paintings. He has not only shown his imagination to the desolate and boundless primitive world that human beings have never set foot on, but also displayed description of psychological state where people still constantly feel lonely, cold, and mysteriously conscious in a highly prosperous postmodern society. It is from this point of view, that his mysterious and treacherous landscape paintings, in fact, have become a kind of spiritual psychological symbol and revealed current living circumstances of its people.


– Hui Shang, Chief Editor, China Fine Arts

Opening Ceremony

Painting Demonstration

Artist Lecture



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