Rhythm of Time

Chinese Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition in New York 

On View Oct 27th 2018 - Jan 26th, 2019

Organized by

Center for Chinese Art at William Paterson University
The New York Gallery of Chinese Art
Art Gallery of Jiangsu Center for Performing Arts

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Exhibition Curators

Zhiyuan Cong

Chao Chen

Participating Artists (alphabetical order)

Jinngbo An, Ling Ban, Feng Cai, Qiongde Cao, Chao Chen, Zhiyuan Cong, Daquan Dai,  En Hao, Ping Hao, Xianwu Hu, Shicheng Ji, Wuwu Lei, Xun Li, Yanpeng Li, Lianfang Liang, Bo Liu, Gen Liu, Jing Liu, Linge Liu, Yanfei Liu, Guirong Luo, Wei Peng, Xu Qi, Haonan Tan, Xiaoyun Tang, Shuai Wang, Jianshan Wang, Ruiqing Wang, Jiantang Wu, Yuqing Xia, Chengyou Yu, Wufeng Yu, Tao Yu, Qinglu Yuan, Minjie Zhang, Bin Zhou, Yunzhi Zhou, Hua Zhu, Jianxiang Zhu, Shiwei Zhu


China's contemporary printmaking generally traced back to the New Woodcuts advocated by Lu Xun in the 1930s, when an ancient art form invented in Eastern Han Dynasty (AD25-220) was transformed into a powerful and effective social movement vehicle. Famous printmaking artist Mr. Dai Daquan points out, the first generation of Chinese new prints are the pioneers who "seek subjective expression by subverting objective reproduction, converting the fate of reproduction to the new birth of creation." The second generation of Chinese new prints, as represented by Mr. Song Wenyuan and Mr. Guang Jun “has widened the expressiveness of prints, deepened the individuality of the woodblock prints, and extended the expressive dimension of the print language, thus expanding the contradiction between the humanity of the artists and the physical properties of the materials into a more profound speculative arena." The third generation of Chinese new printmakers, represented by Dai Daquan and Su Xinping, is the backbone of a group of contemporary Chinese printmakers. They are not restricted by the means of expression, but, rather, focus on the aesthetic tastes; not limited by the established types of prints, but, rather, put more emphasis on personal expressions. Their works lead the direction of development of Chinese contemporary prints.


“Rhythm of Time” exhibition invited 40 outstanding Chinese printmakers and masters and more than 70 artworks. Most of them have won China national and regional printmaking exhibition awards, and many are gold medal winners at national exhibitions. Among them are


the third-generation Chinese printmakers led by Dai Daquan, many emerging new talents, and a few fourth generation of Chinese contemporary printmakers.


This exhibition is jointly organized by the Center for Chinese Art at William Paterson University and New York Gallery of Chinese Art, sponsored by Art Gallery of Jiangsu Center for Performing arts, China, received support and funding from Shanghai William Chinese Art Foundation of China and Mr. Ip- Wing Kong of New York.


Gallery Opening Ceremony


Exhibition Ceremony






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